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Mist Fan

Code No :- MF-02
Available in Both
Indian & Imported Model
Code No :- MF-01
Original Well Known
International Brand

Code No :- MF-04
S S Mist Fan Available in, Bajaj & crompton motors.

Code No :- MF-03
Regular Misting Fan Availabe In Both Indian & Imported Model

Code No :- MF-05
Pipe Line Model

Outdoor occasion like Resorts, Palaces, Banquets, Hotels, Tent Houses, Marriage Gardens, Theme Parks, Malls and Open Air Restaurants etc.
Misting Type
Centrifugal Type
Code No :- MF-06
Water flows through the high-speed rotating centrifugal disc. By high-speed hitting on the disc, it turns into mist, then being sprayed out by the blowing system.
Pressure Type
Code No :- MF-07
After Pressed by high pressure pump, water goes through micro nozzles and turns to mist, which are sprayed out by the blowing system to the target area.