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Code No :- HE-03
New Hammer Model
Code No :- HE-01
Imported S.S. Heater and the most
effective and gas effecient Patio Heater.

Code No :- HE-05
Powder Coating Indian & Imported Model

Code No :- HE-04
S S Indian Model
Code No :- HE-02
Available in 2100watt, 2500watt, 3000watt.

Code No :- HE-06
Black Electric Heater

Outdoor occasion like Resorts, Palaces, Banquets, Hotels, Tent Houses, Marriage Gardens, Theme Parks, Malls and Open Air Restaurants etc.
Heating Type
L.P.G. Gas patio Heater
Code No :- HE-07
Electric Patio Heater
Code No :- HE-08